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Don't give up if your insurance company wrongfully denies or cancels your long-term disability claim. If you feel you are due LTD benefits, attorney Mark Yazdani can assist you file a claim with the insurance provider and pursue legal action. A judge may disagree with the insurance company's decision and order them to pay you back for your lost LTD payments, plus additional compensation for emotional distress and possible punitive damages.

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There Is No Way to Decide to Be Disabled

Physical or mental impairments are never voluntarily accepted. Accidents and catastrophic illnesses aren’t anything anyone wants to experience, but they happen nonetheless. When you become long term disabled and unable to work as a result of an injury or disease, you need the security that long-term disability insurance provides.


Insurance companies frequently terminate coverage too soon, even if they first approve a claim. You’re still unable to work since you haven’t fully healed from your injuries or illness. The insurance company has informed you that you are able to work in a different field, such as that of a parking lot attendant or ticket taker.


Perhaps you have a disease like Parkinson’s that radiates discomfort all throughout your body. It’s possible that you’re going through a period of extreme melancholy and anxiety. You get so exhausted that you just can’t muster the energy to get out of bed on some days.

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